LED Signage

Why use LED Signage?

With animation on your sign you get to target your audience with your content.

Broadcast your current message to the right people at the right time.

How do I create content?

Estimate the dwell time* for each message, then tailor your content to fit the time loop.

Now create..

– Special offers

– Recruitment messages

– New product lines and company announcements

– Seasonal messages

  and so much more.

* Dwell time: How long does it take commuters or footfall to pass.

What You Need To Know

About Viewing:

Viewing distance:​

Viewing distance is important to consider when choosing a sign.

A business with a highway sign and passing traffic traveling at high speeds doesn’t need to invest in the tightest pixel sign. 

However, if passing traffic moves at a slower speed, or the sign is read by pedestrians, then a tighter pixel pitch is worth the investment.

A rule of thumb when identifying the pixel pitch (usually in mm’s) – change the pixel pitch to meters to estimate the viewing distance.

So a 12mm pixel is best viewed from about 12 meters ( approx 40ft).

3D LED Fans

Wall mounted Precision 3D Holographic Fans 'cast' your product, brand or message into 'midair'.

Building Your Brand
We build a 3D model of your product, render all views and then create dynamic animation which creates an immersive experience for the viewer...

Triggering product recall, if the viewer doesn't buy now, they will surely remember where they saw 'that product' when they are ready to buy.

Entertain Your Customers
Use one of the Precision Fans to entertain your customers with fun content, or build a wall with multiple fans to create bigger and bolder experiences.

Drive Your Sales and Increase Your Bottom Line
Inviting content on the Holographic Fans can tempt customers to e.g. have a dessert or buy that specialty coffee